Zabbix 6.0 Certified User (ZCU)


Zabbix Certified User is a training directed at the personnel operating the system that has been fully configured previously. Recommended for employees of customer service centers, people using Zabbix to verify reports and direct incidents to technical departments.
The training is an online training, lasts one day and is completed by the ZCU exam.

Training program:

  • Overview: Zabbix functionality
  • Zabbix definitions
  • Zabbix user interface overview
  • User profile
  • Data visualization: Latest data
  • Data visualization: Graphs
  • Data visualization: Overview
  • Data visualization: Web monitoring
  • Data visualization: Problems
  • Problem: Acknowledgement
  • Data visualization: Maps
  • Data visualization: Screens and Slide shows
  • Data visualization: Dashboard and widgets overview
  • Data visualization: Inventory
  • Data visualization: Services
  • Data visualization: Reports
  • Notifications: Overview
  • Notifications: Escalations
  • Notifications: Proactive monitoring
  • Notifications: Maintenance
  • Certification (Exam)

Course prerequisites:


Zabbix version:

Zabbix 6.0 LTS

Course duration :

8 hours (1 day)

Price includes:

  • Training conducted by Zabbix certified trainer
  • PDF format training materials
  • Attempt to ZCU exam

Group size:

up to 20 persons


Mikrotik Warsaw Training Center
Ogrodowa Str 58
Warsaw 00-876