WiFi for HoReCa

A comprehensive solution dedicated to the HoReCa market and office buildings.

We provide high performance and stable wireless communication using the latest standards, including 802.11ac, aesthetic access points, fully personalized welcome pages and integration with social media.

It is also an ideal solution for one-off outdoor events and conferences.

It is also possible to purchase a hotspot gateway service. In this scenario, already installed access points are used.

Benefits of using the system:

  • Building a committed community
  • Multi-channel communication with users (mail, SMS, social media)
  • Large reach in social media, thanks to the existing network of contacts
  • Customer satisfaction survey using questionnaires
  • Welcome page that lets you provide customers with information about promotions available on a given day
  • Access to the database of email addresses of clients for use in e.g. newsletters
  • Periodic reports
  • A separate, dedicated, secured network for the needs of the company's operation (e.g. terminals, computers, printers)

A professional team will help you in benefit realization. We also specialize in comprehensive installation of wireless networks at every scale.

The implementation consists of:

  • radio wave propagation tests,
  • developing a device placement project,
  • installation of network cabling and power supply,
  • installation of access points and other network infrastructure elements,
  • functional test,
  • staff training

Start building a community around your company and events today.

Examples of welcome pages:

MWTC.pl-Wifi dla HoReCa
MWTC.pl-Wifi dla HoReCa
MWTC.pl-Wifi dla HoReCa
MWTC.pl-Wifi dla HoReCa

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