Infrastructure monitoring systems

The constantly changing environment and the growing number of business-critical elements are just a few of the challenges faced by Administrators. The monitoring system is a place where quickly and clearly each IT team should be able to determine the status of the services it looks after. It is also proactive action, giving a chance to react in advance before the actual problem arises.

These and many other elements are provided by the most popular monitoring system in the world, which is Zabbix. It is an Enterprise class system, developed for years - it guarantees stability and certainty that energy and funds allocated for implementation will prove to be a good investment.

We provide our clients with comprehensive support at each of the stages:

  • Consulting and design
  • Implementation in every possible scenario
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Dedicated and certified training at every level

We have full Zabbix certification and Zabbix partner status:

  • Zabbix Certified Specialist
  • Zabbix Certified Professional
  • Zabbix Expert
  • Zabbix Trainer

Our portfolio includes many successful implementations in companies of all sizes and industries. Please contact us.


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