Zabbix 6.0 Certified Expert (ZCE)


Top-level training in Zabbix. During the training, topics related to API, high availability (HA / DR) and database partitioning, compilation of system components from sources, integration with SELinux, IPMI are discussed in detail. As an alternative to the Apache server, the participant will configure the NGINX server together with the SSL certificate, and will use ElasticSearch as the backend for historical data.
Participation requirement is ZCS + ZCP and extensive experience in Zabbix configuration in medium and large ecosystems. The training lasts three days and is completed with a ZCE exam.

Training program:

  • Installation: Zabbix from sources
  • Administration: Create SELinux policies for Zabbix
  • Administration: Secure Zabbix Frontend with SSL
  • Data collection: Set-up SNMP traps
  • Data collection: IPMI
  • Data collection: Extending Zabbix by using External checks and Loadable modules
  • Configuration: Trigger-based event correlation
  • Configuration: Global event correlation
  • Administration: AD and HTTP authentication
  • Zabbix API: Overview
  • Zabbix API: Getting data
  • Administration: Zabbix DB schema overview
  • Administration: MySQL partitioning
  • Administration: High-performance storage engine (Elasticsearch)
  • Administration: Real-time data export
  • Data collection: HTTP checks
  • Administration: High-performance HTTP server (NGINX)
  • Data collection: LLD of SNMP objects
  • Data collection: LLD of JMX objects
  • Data collection: Custom LLD rules
  • Administration: Zabbix server processes
  • Installation: High availability and redundancy
  • Certification (Exam)

Course prerequisites:

Zabbix Certified Specialist certificate (ZCS)

Zabbix Certified Professional certificate (ZCP)

Zabbix version:

Zabbix 6.0 LTS

Course duration:

40 hours (5 days)

Price includes:

  • Training conducted by Zabbix certified trainer
  • PDF format training materials
  • Lunch
  • Attempt to ZCE exam

Group size:

up to 8 persons


Mikrotik Warsaw Training Center
Ogrodowa Str 58
Warsaw 00-876